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Mary is passionate about the OMG business and an avid golfer. She is much younger than her husband, Craig, hence the OMG Old Man Golf...(ha! says Craig) Lock step with Craig & Cedric when those two knuckleheads were talking about OMG and what could it be. Hmmm.... so it began, Craig & Mary created the company and Trademarked the brand. Since then she quickly became passionate about the brand. Both Mary & Craig have been working and golfing side by side for nearly 20 years. They love spending time outdoors golfing camping, hiking, beaching it but mostly on the golf course. Once the round is over you will find her in the 19th hole giving us all the jabs about missing that 2 foot putt, that we deserve...

The company plans is to add value to your golfing experience by using only quality products, lightening the mood a little with witty commentary, and stylish branded products and apparel from trusted suppliers that offer great value for your golfing dollar.

Why, because it's what we would want… we are old golfers ourselves; we like the sport, we buy the silly things that make it more fun, polo's, cigar clips, ball retrievers, insulated tumblers for a nice cocktail. We gather in men’s leagues, couple’s leagues and Saturday mornings. It’s a OMG Lifestyle Thing to us! We want to build this experience for others. We want to give the sport back something it has given us, fun, fellowship, and a few F bombs... here and there, but water and sand will do that to ones vocabulary…

Please join us on our Mission of Old Man Golf and embrace our legacy. We will do our best to supply you with quality products that put smile on your face. More than anything it's reason to get out of the house and out to the course to lie to your friends about the length of the putt, the amazing shot that just cleared the water, or a relaxing 19th hole where you relive it all, one more time…

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Welcome to the OMG Blog, your ultimate source for all things golf! We are passionate about the game and dedicated to providing you with valuable insights, tips, and inspiration to enhance your golfing experience.

At OMG - Old Man Golf Apparel Co., we believe that golf is not just a sport, but a way of life. Our high-quality golf apparel is designed to not only elevate your style on the course but also enhance your performance. From our Performance 1/4-Zip Pullover Sweatshirt to our Thee OMG Golf polo, our products are meticulously crafted to provide the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and sophistication.

On the OMG Blog, you'll find a wide range of articles and resources to help you take your golf game to the next level. Whether you're a beginner looking for tips on improving your swing or a seasoned golfer seeking advice on course management, our blog has got you covered.

Stay updated with the latest trends in golf fashion, as we share style guides and outfit ideas to help you look your best on and off the course. We'll also keep you informed about upcoming golf events, tournaments, and product launches, so you never miss out on exciting opportunities.

Our team of golf enthusiasts and experts are constantly researching and curating valuable content to provide you with the most relevant and engaging articles. We strive to inspire and motivate golfers of all skill levels, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among fellow golf enthusiasts.

Join us on this incredible golfing journey and unlock your full potential on the course. Whether you're looking for practical tips, inspiring stories, or simply a place to connect with like-minded individuals, the OMG Blog is your go-to destination.

So, grab your clubs, put on your favorite OMG golf apparel, and get ready to tee off into a world of golfing excellence. Stay tuned for exciting updates and make sure to bookmark the OMG Blog for your regular dose of golfing inspiration!